Narromine Christian School


Narromine Christian School, provides a stimulating education program underpinned with Christian values for all children irrespective of race, religion or culture.  This unique school is a safe haven that emphasises academic progress and facilitates each child's learning.  Student learning is celebrated in a safe, positive and disciplined environment.  The school has spacious, lush, tree lined grounds that house large well equipped air-conditioned classrooms with up to date computer and internet technology.  Children enjoy the multifunctional covered modern playground area with a sand floor covering.

Narromine Christian School has a Christian basis.  The teachers are dedicated to encouraging students to develop a love for God, a love and acceptance of other people and a healthy self-esteem.  Narromine Christian School will give students numerous opportunities to:

Develop academic excellence

Mature in physical skills

Make positive social adjustments

Build lasting peer relationships

Grow in Christian values

Create a sense of pride in themselves and their school

Feel secure and nurtured within their learning environment

Our school mission is to motivate, nurture and celebrate spiritural, academic and personal growth in a Christ-inspired environment that serves the community.

At Narromine Christian School we place high value on the character development of our students.  We emphasise high standards in areas of behaviour, academic excellence, spiritual development, physical achievement and social interaction.

Narromine Christian School runs a Pre-Kindergarten Centre which currently runs 4 days a week and is well patronised by the community.  The Pre-Kindergarten Centre gives 4 year olds the opportunity to grow and develop in a school environment to ultimately make their transition into regular school life smooth and 'hassle free'.  The Pre-Kindergarten operates within a flexible framework providing a balance of social interaction and developmental play, combined with formal learning, as is appropriate to the maturity level of the child.  Children learn the routines of the classroom and the expectations of school.  The program is designed to give children an advanced start to their education.

Narromine Christian School students have access to good sporting facilities both at the school and in the town itself.  Students have the oppurtunity to participate in community events, visit the local library, run church services and travel to local areas for educational excursions.  Overnight excursions are attended by older students where appropriate to their learning.

At Narromine Christian School academic progress is emphasised and individual learning is celebrated.  Narromine Christian School has taken a back to basics approach to teaching and learning.   The school focus is on improving student literacy and numeracy standards.  

Narromine Christian School focuses on healthier eating and encourages students to bring fruit to school every day.  Our students pride themselves on their vegetable gardens.  Students belong to groups and are responsible for different garden beds which grow everthing from watermelons to artichokes.

Thanks to NSP and BER funding Narromine Christian School has undergone a real facelift.  The school has been rendered, had a new sprinkler system installed and new gardens built.  We have also been lucky enough to have a new library/computer room which is a fantastic addition to our site and adds a much needed technology and library space to our school.

Narromine Christian School is a nurturing educational haven where morals and values based learning is fundamental to our belief of growing students into purpose driven, community minded citizens of the future.